Prevent, Eliminate Lower Back Pain By Strengthening Your Core – Here’s How

The last couple of posts on this blog I’ve written around the ‘theme’ of injury prevention and pain reduction.  These are areas a lot of you have requested more info about – and I’m doing my best to help you with them.  I have a top-secret project in the works that’s going to cover these topics in detail – and I’ll have more info about it for you very soon. But in the meantime, here’s a new post about how to prevent – even eliminate – lower back pain by strengthening your core.  Enjoy!

The spine is the basic foundation on which the geometry of the body lies; the alignment and proper working of the spine is of great concern for perfect health.

Spine problems are amongst the most severe problems of the human body, especially when the lower part gets affected.  A survey predicts that eighty percent of people become victim of this pain at some point in their lives.

The good news is that strengthening that strengthening the core can help aleviate back pain to a great extent

To strengthen the core, proper exercise selection is mandatory. Many people perform a variety of different exercises (crunches and sit ups come to mind? 🙂 ) but achieve no result for core strength against the lower back pain. This is largely because of 1) bad exercise selection and 2) improper posture that they maintain while performing those exercises.

Proper posture and exercise technique is essential for strengthening the core – as is choosing the right exercises. Exercises such as the Supine Bridge and the Plank are great starting points for strengthening the core –

The Supine Bridge

This exercise starts lying on the floor.  Keeping the knees over the toes and weight through the heels, brace the abs and drive the hips towards the celing.  The move strengthens the all-important glutes – a key part of a strong core and healthy lower back.


The Plank is a great exercise because it focuses on strengthing the core through a ‘functional’ range of motion.  When you are, for example, attempting to pick up a heavy load off the floor, your abs fire – but you’re not doing a crunch or sit up motion, which is what most folks think of and end up doing for building core strength.  In this lifting movement – as well as a huge range of other every day activities – you’re using your abs like you would in a Plank. So that’s why we want to train them this way.

Lay flat and lift the hips along with the stomach and chest off of the floor – you’ll end up in a Push Up – type body position, but you’ll be resting on your forarms.  Remember, your abs should be braced like you’re bracing for a punch in the stomach, your upper and lower body should be ‘tight’, and you should be able to breathe normally at the same time.

In summary, proper exercising with correct posture is essential in strengthening the core and preventing lower back pain.  The Supine Bridge and the Plank are two great exercises to get started with in working towards these goals.

Thanks for reading and talk to you soon –


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