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Joint Mobility Basics

Along with the topics I’ve been covering over the last few weeks on this blog – shoulder ‘pre-hab’ drills, self myofacial release, reduction/prevention of lower back pain through strengthening the core – joint mobility isn’t an incredibly exciting topic :). However, these … Continue reading

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Prevent, Eliminate Lower Back Pain By Strengthening Your Core – Here’s How

The last couple of posts on this blog I’ve written around the ‘theme’ of injury prevention and pain reduction.  These are areas a lot of you have requested more info about – and I’m doing my best to help you … Continue reading

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The Healing Power Of Self Myofascial Release

About two years ago when I was training for an Olympic-distance triathlon, what is usually just a little tightness in my hips evolved into what is called (and this is admittingly self-diagnosed) ‘pseudo-sciatica’. Essentially, tightness in the piriformis, gluteal and … Continue reading

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How To Prevent Shoulder Injury During Exercise: Quick 3 Minute Warm Up

The shoulder is the most mobile joint in the body; but unfortunately, this mobility comes at the cost of less stability – and makes the joint suceptable to injury. Not a day goes by where I don’t see a client … Continue reading

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4th of July Body Weight Boot Camp Workout

I’m holding a special early morning boot camp at my training facility here in Sacramento, CA on the morning of the 4th. Here’s the workout we’ll be doing – follow along at home and start your holiday off with a … Continue reading

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