Fitness Monster 5 Minute Abs (the exercises)

It’s almost swimsuit season … and let’s be real:  Who doesn’t have toning up their midsection at the top of their workout priority list?

To get that flat stomach you desire, you need to 1) get leaner and 2) develop your abs’ musculature.  It’s that simple.  Not easy, but simple :)

This two part post series is going to cover the exercise/muscle development side of the equation … I’ll cover a few exercises to help you get closer to that flat stomach in part one, and then put the exercises together into some killer workouts in part two.

Without further ado, let’s get right to it!!

5 Minute Abs Exercise #1: The Crunch

You’ve very likely done a crunch before … but the question is, have you done it right?

There are a couple of tricks to performing a crunch and getting the most out of it.

First, it’s key that you learn how to activate your abs properly. So let’s start you off with the ab activation drill.

Lie on your back with a towel underneath the lower back. The whole point of this drill is to get that ‘feeling’ of turning on the abs.

Start with your hands at your sides, and attempt to press your lower back into the ground and ‘crush’ the towel.

Now, try to lift up one leg at a time – just an inch or two off the ground.

Remember, the key is to keep that pressure on the towel!!

You eventually should be able to straighten both legs completely and maintain pressure on the towel – but the main point for now is to get that ‘feeling’ of ab activation …

Now you know what it feels like to activate your core, we can move on to the Crunch:

To perform a crunch, all you have to do is initiate the exercise by pressing your lower back into the ground. Your shoulders should come up off of the floor and you should attempt to bring your sternum and belly button together. You should feel a very strong contraction in your Abs:

5 Minute Abs Exercise #2: The Plank

This one is the ‘mother’ of all core strengthening exercises. Start it in a Push Up position on your forearms; the key is to maintain a straight line from the shoulder to the Hip to the Knee to the Ankle throughout the entire exercise.

5 Minute Abs Exercise #3: The Leg Drop

This is an exercise that’ll hit those hard-to-target lower abs.  Start with both feet straight up in the air. Again, you should have your lower back pressed into the floor at all times with this one.
Alternately lower your right foot and left foot to the ground. If you feel your lower back coming off the floor at all, stop and bring the foot back up.
To wrap up, I know a flat stomach is at the top of a lot of folk’s workout priority lists’ this time of year; this two part ‘Fitness Monster 5 Minute Abs’ post series will walk you thorough some great ab exercises and a few workouts you can do with them.  See you next time -
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