Kettlebell Snatch + Lunge Workout (video)

I was out of town this weekend; it was a relaxing – and much needed – get away.  I managed to sneak in a workout at a ‘big box’ gym in the area I was staying, and I got a great workout – but I didn’t have access to a lot of the training tools I normally use (like kettlebells) for my routine.

This big commercial gym visit (it was actually my first one in about six months) also left me thinking:  The vast majority of folks who lift weights still seem to follow the old body part split, bodybuilding-style workout plans.

Now, interestingly, none of the basic kettlebell exericses (the ‘big five’) are isolation moves in any way – in fact, all of them use nearly every major muscle group in their execution.

The cool thing about this is that even just a pair of kettlebell and/ or body weight exercises – performed with proper intensity, of course – is enough for a full workout.  Here’s a short workout sequence from my new Kettlebell Basics Monthly Workout program as a perfect example – it’s just part of one month’s workout plan, but it could serve as a nice ‘finisher’ for your current workout routine, or even as a stand-alone workout if you’re crunched for time.

To complete this kettlebell and body weight sequence, you simply do:

  • 10 Kettlebell Snatches on each side
  • 12 Body Weight Lunges on each side
  • Repeat the sequence three times with as little rest as possible
(Note:  If you’re still learning the basics of kettlebell training – like how to properly perform the basic kettlebell exercises – check out this post on my Kettlebell Basics blog for full explanations – with video – of most of the basic kettlebell moves:  Kettlebell Exercises)
Keep training hard!
P.S. I’ll have details about the new monthly kettlebell workout program for ‘ya later this week … in the meantime, keep an eye on your email inbox – and make sure to sign up for my newsletter if you haven’t yet to stay posted!
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