How To Accelerate Your Kettlebell Training Progress With Periodization

This is article is a *little* more technical than my normal stuff; but bear with me – if you’re not planning your workouts over time, you’ll learn why you’re missing out big time!

Periodization, according to WikiPedia, is ‘an organized approach to training that involves progressive cycling of various aspects of a training program during a specific period of time.’  In simple terms, it’s just the organization and planning of training.  
In sport, this planning is typically based upon achieving maximum physical abilities (strength, speed, power, etc.) for a competition or period of competitions (i.e., a season).  For ‘regular’, non-competitive athlete folks, it’s just as important to organize and plan your training – the focus of the outcome is just different.  For example, one might be working towards fat loss for a certain period of time, strength gain for another period, etc.
Workout programming for specific goals is going to be very different.  For example, a workout program focused on fat loss and conditioning would employ specific exercise selection, short rest periods and higher rep ranges.  Conversely, a program focused on strength would feature longer rest periods and lower rep ranges.

The Typical Approach Of The Kettlebell Enthusiast
Now, the typical method for the kettlebell enthusiast is to use the ‘shotgun approach’ – pick a random kettlebell workout for the day and do it.
While this may work in the short term (any new stimulus will typically provide results for at least a short period of time) over the long term, lack of workout planning will eventually slow your progress to a halt.

The Done-For-You Solution
Obviously, you could figure this stuff out for yourself – and if you enjoy spending your time reviewing research, reading exercise science text books and learning the fundamentals of exercise programming, then I encourage it!  More power to you.
On the other hand, you could save yourself a lot of time and money and just sign up for my new Kettlebell Basics Monthly Workout Program.  At $9.95 a month, it’s a heck of deal if I do say so myself - even if it took you only three hours to research and plan your kettlebell workouts for the month, and now that you have knowledge of and access to this program, unless you earn less than $3.32 an hour (or you truly enjoy planning out your workouts), this is obviously a pretty poor use of your time!
With this program, I write a new, unique kettlebell workout for you every month that’s geared towards fat loss, lean muscle gain, and continual improvement with your kettlebell program.
The workouts, intensity and style-wise, are a lot like the ones I share on my blog,  The main difference is, the workouts I share on my blog, on YouTube, etc. are sort of just ‘random’ workouts that don’t fit together into a grand scheme.  The workouts in the Kettlebell Basics Monthly Workout Program will help you continually progress towards fat loss, lean muscle gain, improved conditioning, and total kettlebell training efficiency.
In summary, planned progression of your kettlebell workouts is key for continued progress towards your fitness goals.  Planning these workouts yourself is certainly an option; but if you’d like to save time and money and leave the planning to me, give my new Kettlebell Basics Monthly Workout Program a test run by clicking the link below:

And keep training hard!

Forest Vance, MS, RKC, CPT

P.S. If you act quick, you’ll get a FREE copy of my ‘Best Fat Loss Diet’ plan when you test out my new monthly workout program – but you gotta place your order by tonight to get the deal!!  Here’s the link again to get more info:

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