Kettlebell Exercises For Abs: The Renegade Row

When most folks think about ab training, they conjure up mental images of Crunches and Sit Ups.  But in reality, your abdominal muscles play just as big a role as stabilizers during functional movements like squatting, pushing, and pulling as they do prime movers during those more traditional ab training moves.

Almost every kettlebell exercise in existence is super ‘functional’ in nature; and thus works the hell out of your abs :)  Check out this video for a quick demo of one of the best kettlebell exercises for abs:  The Renegade Row:

Just a couple of important points from the video:

  • To complete the exercise, start with two kettlebells of the same weight.  You’ll assume a Push Up position with your hands on the ‘bells to start.
  • Do a Push Up.  Upon completion of the Push Up, shift your weight to one side (assuming a wide stance with your feet helps), brace your abs hard, and row one kettlebell up to the body.
  • Repeat the movement, alternating sides with each repetition.
Work the kettlebell Renegade Row into your training program today for a stronger, better looking, and more functional set of abs!
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