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Kettlebell Exercises For Abs: The Renegade Row

When most folks think about ab training, they conjure up mental images of Crunches and Sit Ups.  But in reality, your abdominal muscles play just as big a role as stabilizers during functional movements like squatting, pushing, and pulling as … Continue reading

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Anabolic Cooking Review

What’s the best way to lose weight and build muscle? This is a question people have been trying to answer for decades. There are countless fad diets and new super workout accessories. Everyone that you talk to will give you … Continue reading

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500 Rep Body Weight And Kettlebell Challenge

Stuck in a workout rut? Bored with your current routine? Try this month’s ‘500 Rep Body Weight and Kettlebell Challenge’: 50 Push Ups (standard Push Ups for guys, knees for gals)50 Body Weight Squats50 full Sit Ups – feet unanchored, hands … Continue reading

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5 Tips To Help You Do More Pull Ups

The Pull Up is a highly athletic movement, is at least as important as any other upper body exercise, and is one of the best tests of all around fitness. In this article, I’m going to explain the significance and … Continue reading

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