Boot Camp Exercise Ideas – TT Push Up Variations (video)

Push Ups are a staple of the workouts I do with the fitness boot camps I run here in Sacramento, CA.  They’re an old-school exercise – but are still one of the best!  You end up using almost every major muscle in your upper body when doing Push Ups.  Your core muscles also have to strongly contract as stabilizers, as do even some muscles in the lower extremities. 

However, most folks aren’t aware of the amount of variations of the standard Push Up exercise that exist; for a few examples, check out the video below (another video from Craig Ballantyne, creator of Turbulence Training):

Hope you enjoyed the video and keep training hard!


P.S. The Turbulence Training program has a lot more great exercises and workouts you can use for your own personal (and clients’, if you’re a fitness professional) boot camp – style workouts; if you’re thinking about giving the program a try, Craig’s got a ‘trial offer’ going right now where you can test the program for 21 days for only $4.95.  I know several of you expressed some interest in the program last time I mentioned it, so if you’re ‘on the fence’, this is a great opportunity – click the link below to learn more about the offer:

Turbulence Training 21 $4.95 21 Day Trial

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