How The Peripheral Heart Action (PHA) System Helped Me Design Better Fat Loss Workouts

The PHA system employs a unique twist on traditional circuit training

The basic circuit training concept – where you simply complete a series of different resistance training exercises with little rest between – is a popular way to train for fat loss, conditioning, and mental toughness.  However, ‘circuit training’ is a very broad term – it could be anything from a gym-style circuit of selectorized weight machines to a high-intensity combo of body weight, dumbbell, and kettlebell moves.  So I’m going to reveal a key element of how I design my circuit workouts for maximum fat loss.

The concept I very often use when designing my fat loss circuit workouts is the Peripheral Heart Action system.  It’s somewhat similar to standard circuit training – but with one major unique twist.
I discovered the PHA system in the National Academy of Sport Medicine personal training text – but I believe it was originally developed by Dr. Aurthur Steinhaus.  The goal of PHA training is to keep the blood flowing through the body through out the entire workout.  Upper body and lower body exercises are alternated throughout the session, which reduces the build up of lactic acid, and enables the trainee, in theory, to increase total work output and burn maximum calories in minimum time.
Here’s a very basic sample PHA workout (in the spirit of my new No Gym? No Excuse! Dumbbell Complexes for Fat Loss Workout Plan that’s coming very soon):
  • 10 Dumbbell Squats 
  • 10 Dumbbell Floor Presses
  • 10 Dumbbell Lunges
  • 10 Dumbbell Bent Over Rows
One would perform each exercise in succession, rest approximately 30-60 seconds, and repeat the entire sequence for a total of 5-6 times.
The Peripheral Heart Action system is a great improvement on traditional circuit training and is a great way to structure your workouts for maximum fat loss in minimum.  The workout above is a good start and illustrates how you would put together a PHA routine – try incorporating this concept into your current fat loss program for more efficient workouts and improved results!
P.S. The No Gym? No Excuse! Dumbbell Complexes For Fat Loss program that I have coming very soon will incorporate circuit workouts like the one above into a killer 12 week workout plan – make sure to sign up for my weekly newsletter to get first news of its release (and to get word of my New Year’s super sale) by dropping your name and email into the box at the upper right of the page!! 
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