‘Four Way Shoulder Blast’ Dumbbell Complex

One of the coolest things about dumbbell complexes is their versatility … that is, by plugging in different variables like rep range, intensity (in the context of 1RM %), total volume, etc., you can use them for a huge range of different fitness goals.

As an example, last week, I posted up a total-body dumbbell complex workout for conditioning and fat loss (you can check that out here).  This week, I have a new muscle-building, burn-out-type complex that primarily hits the Shoulders and Back for you to try – here’s how to do it:

  • Start with six DB Front Raises
  • Go immediately to six DB Upright Rows
  • Move to six DB Arnold Presses
  • Finish with six DB Bent Over Rows

Here’s a video that shows how to do the entire complex:

Notes on the Four Way Shoulder Blast dumbbell complex:

  • Pick a weight that challenges you for the Front Raises. The idea is that the hardest (i.e. the exercise you’ll be able to use the least weight with) exercise is placed first in the complex, and the exercises get progressively harder as one finishes the complex.  It’s okay to have two sets of weights if you find that the weight you started with isn’t challenging enough for the Arnold Presses and Bent Over Rows – just make sure to switch weights as fast as possible.
  • Rest about 30-60 seconds between complexes.
  • Repeat this complex two to four times for a killer shoulder, arm and back pump!!

P.S. I have a new ‘mini-product’ that’ll take you through all kinds of different dumbbell complexes, for goals that range from fat loss and conditioning to muscle gain, and two six week programs using dumbbell complexes as the staple, one for fat loss and one for muscle gain.  To learn more about the product, click the link below:

No Gym? No Excuse! Dumbbell Complexes For Fat Loss

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