Dumbbell Complex Workout (video)

Even when I’m pressed for time (which seems to be happening more often than I’d like as of late), I always make it a priority to get my daily workout in.  And really, lack of time is never a good excuse for missing an exercise session – if you use right approach and train with intensity and focus, you can get all the workout you need in 30 minutes per day (or even less).
Dumbbell complexes rank right up there with kettlebell circuits for high intensity, bang-for-your-buck, time-effective total body workouts.  They enable you to train muscular endurance, cardio conditioning, and strength all in one pop!

I posted up this video a little while back – it’s a dumbbell complex I use often myself and with my personal training clients:

What I didn’t mention last time is that as well as for a warm up, this dumbbell complex can be used as a complete workout, too.

Here’s what a complete workout using this dumbbell complex might look like:

1. Start with a dynamic warm up (5 mins)
2. Do the dumbbell complex from the video above a total of ten times.  The first two times through will be nice and easy – you’ll build the intensity gradually throughout the ten sets and really go for it the last set or two.  Rest about 30 seconds between complexes. (10 mins)
3. Finish with a stretch of tight muscle groups (5 mins)

Use this dumbell complex workout any time you need a high intensity total body strength and conditioning session. Complexes done like this on a consistent basis can bring surprisingly fast improvements in cardio fitness and strength endurance – train hard and train smart!!

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3 Responses to Dumbbell Complex Workout (video)

  1. Imre says:

    Because of Sony copyright it is impossible to see the video

  2. Forest says:

    That's a bummer – I believe in some countries YouTube will block videos with certain music playing. Sorry – but thanks for the feedback!

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