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Here’s How To Work Your Abs In 5 Minutes (or less)

I know getting in shape is at the top of a lot of folk’s minds this time of year … and one of the biggest ‘problem areas’ for the vast majority people is the midsection.  To get you started, here’s … Continue reading

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New Dumbbell Complex Workout … And No Gym? No Excuse! Dumbbell Complexes For Fat Loss Kick-Off BLOWOUT

Hope you had a great holiday! I have a new dumbbell complex for you from my brand new Dumbbell Complex Workout system  … here’s a video that shows you how to do it: To recap, you’ll do: 10 1 DB Goblet … Continue reading

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How The Peripheral Heart Action (PHA) System Helped Me Design Better Fat Loss Workouts

The PHA system employs a unique twist on traditional circuit training The basic circuit training concept – where you simply complete a series of different resistance training exercises with little rest between – is a popular way to train for … Continue reading

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‘Four Way Shoulder Blast’ Dumbbell Complex

One of the coolest things about dumbbell complexes is their versatility … that is, by plugging in different variables like rep range, intensity (in the context of 1RM %), total volume, etc., you can use them for a huge range … Continue reading

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Dumbbell Complex Workout (video)

Even when I’m pressed for time (which seems to be happening more often than I’d like as of late), I always make it a priority to get my daily workout in.  And really, lack of time is never a good … Continue reading

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