3 Great Supps From Bodybuilding.com’s Top 10 Seller List

I don’t talk about supps a whole lot on this blog – and to be honest, they’re not essential to your fitness program.

That being said, they can help you make faster progress – and even reach new levels of fitness you may have not otherwise achieved.

I take a basic nutritional supplement stack myself – a multi-vitamin, protein powder, protein bars, pre-workout stimulant and creatine – have for years, and will continue to for a long time. And I think this stack helps me out a lot.  The multi helps keep me healthy and guard against ‘gaps’ in my diet, the protein supplements act as a cheap and convenient way to get the protein I need to support muscle growth, and the pre-workout stimulants and creatine help me get up for my workouts, and build (and keep) muscle.  So I figured I would share some of my favorites with all of you to help in your next supplement purchasing decision.

Common sense would tell you that the supplements that work the best are the ones that are selling the best. So I hopped over to Bodybuilding.com – one of the top online supplement retailers – and looked over their top 10 best-seller list.  I’ve taken almost all of the supps on this list at one time or another – but I picked out three that I continue to use and think could benefit you all the most:

1. Jack3d

A pre-workout stimulant and creatine product – actually my personal favorite supplement of this type – and very reasonably priced compared to a lot of the other creatine products.  Go for this one if you’re looking to build muscle and/or get up for your workouts:

USPlabs Jack3d 2010 Pre Workout Supplement of the

2. Optimum 100% Whey Protein

The most popular whey out there – good quality and reasonable price.  Great for supplementing your diet with extra protein whether your goals are to lose fat or to build muscle.  From the Bodybuilding.com site:

“#1 and growing, ON 100% Whey is the undisputed Gold Standard and winner of the Supplement of the Year and Protein Powder of the Year in 2009. Why? It’s packed with the purest all-whey proteins, with isolates as the primary source, plus 5.5 grams of BCAAs and Aminogen digestive enzymes to maximize absorption. Better yet, it tastes as goods as it works and mixes as fast and easily as it’s absorbed.”

3. BSN NO-Xplode

Kinda like the Jack3D; it’s a pre-workout supp that’s geared towards mass gain and giving you a great pump.

These three supps are a great starting point; but I suggest you do more research for yourself as well – head over to Bodybuilding.com and browse around by clicking the link below:

See ‘ya next time -


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