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Kettlebell Swing Tabatas + Swing Manual Two Day Sale

The Kettlebell Swing is without question one of the best exercises around for rapid fat loss and extreme conditioning. Here’s a video that explains one intensity technique – the Tabata Protocol – that works great with the Kettlebell Swing: And, … Continue reading

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Shortcut To Elite Strength And Extreme Conditioning: The Kettlebell Swing

The Swing is the most basic, essential and functional of movements in HardStyle kettlebell training.  As is stated in the title of this post, it’s one of the best single exercises around for all-around strength and conditioning.  In fact, the … Continue reading

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3 Great Supps From’s Top 10 Seller List

I don’t talk about supps a whole lot on this blog – and to be honest, they’re not essential to your fitness program. That being said, they can help you make faster progress – and even reach new levels of … Continue reading

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5 Tips To Stay Lean This Holiday Season

You’ve been working hard all year to get – and stay – leaned, toned and in top physical condition. But the holiday season is upon us – and all the gains you’ve made are in risk of going down the … Continue reading

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