Pimp Your Garage Gym: 3 Awesome Equipment Ideas

You don’t need fancy exercise equipment to get great results.

In the vast majority of cases, working out with your own body weight and basic pieces of equipment (like the ones I cover in the video below) will actually get you better results than working out with selectorized weight machines and traditional cardio equipment.

I just opened up a gym in the Sacramento, CA area and put a lot of thought into the equipment I set it up with – it’s been my dream to have my own facility since I got into personal training just over half a decade ago, and I wanted to do it right! So I put together a short video with 3 effective, cheap, and versatile equipment ideas I used for my gym – and that would work great for your own home or garage set up as well: 

Here’s more details on the equipment I talk about in the video:

1. Giant Tires

I actually talked about heavy tire training in a recent post on this blog – you can check it out here:

How To Flip Tires Like A Strong Man

This aren’t small tires like you’d put on a car or light truck – these are tires used on tractors and earth movers – we’re talking 200 pounds and up.

The cool thing is that you can get these things for free (mine cost me $1). It costs money to get rid of them, so most stores that sell new ones are usually more than happy to let you pick from their used selection. Just do a quick Internet search and call around your city to find where some might be available.

You can do all kinds of exercises with these big tires – jumps, flips, hit them with a sledge hammer – your imagination is really the limit.  For $1, this is a piece of equipment that is hard to beat.

2. Kettlebells

If you follow any of my stuff, you know I’m big into kettlebell training. Kettlebells are the perfect piece of equipment for a garage gym because you can do a huge amount of different exercises with just one.

If you’re looking for more information on the benefits of kettlebell training, sample kettlebell workouts and videos, and a lot more, check out my Kettlebell Basics blog by clicking the link below:

Forest’s Kettlebell Basics Blog

3. PowerBlock Dumbbells

PowerBlocks are adjustable dumbbells – there are a lot of different brands out there, but from my research it looked like these were the best – and they’re working great so far for me at my training studio.

Two reasons why PowerBlocks kick a**:

1) They save a bunch of space – even a set of 5 – 50 pound dumbbells takes up a good amount of space
2) They save you a bunch of money – you’d pay at least three times as much for an equivalent amount of single dumbbells

Here’s where you can find out more about Powerblock Dumbbells:

PowerBlocks at Amazon.com

So there are three great equipment ideas to help you economically and effectively stock your garage gym. Hope you enjoyed the video, train hard and let me know if you have any questions in the comments section below!!

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