3 NEW Ways To Change Your Workout Routine

Some version of the ‘Creature Of Habit Workout Guy’ exists at everyone’s local gym – can you find him in yours?  Here’s how: 

  • He’s been doing the same workout since 1986 when he started weight training and bought his first copy of ‘Muscle and Fiction’
  • His standard get-up of spaghetti strap tank, gold chain with barbell charm, parachute pants, fanny pack and Otomix lifting shoes is straight out of that exact same 1986 M’n’F mag
  • He’s got a lifting belt with his nickname printed on the back that he sports during every exercise – even during concentration curls and tricep push downs (gotta protect the lower back, ‘ya know?)
  • He carries a giant gym bag to every station in the gym – because it’s imperative to have two towels, lifting straps, knee wraps, an extra belt, two pairs of lifting gloves, a gallon jug of water, and a training journal within arm’s reach at all times

Many of us are creatures of habit.  And the point isn’t to poke fun (although it is kinda funny).  It’s to point out that every training program (that’s designed around solid fundamentals) is going to work for a while – HIT, German Volume Training, the 1986 workout from Creature of Habit Workout Guy’s muscle mag – you name it.  But eventually, your body will adapt to any approach, and you’ll need to change things up.  So here are three ways to mix up your workouts and get moving towards those goals again:

1. Change your body part split

Have you been training all of your major muscle groups at every training session?  This is very effective for fat loss if you set your workout up right, but like anything, your body adapts to it and the approach stops working eventually.  So if you’re training with a full body split, try doing a push-pull or something similar.  And if you’ve been splitting up your body parts, try training them all at once for a change.

2. Utilize supersets and circuits

If you aren’t using supersets and circuits in your workouts, you’re missing out and probably spending a lot more time in the gym that you need to be.  There are two general approaches to superset training:

A. Same body part – good for burning out one body part.  For example, you could do a barbell bicep curl and immediately follow it with a cable hammer curl.

B. Different body parts – this is good for more of a circuit training and cardio effect.  Here, it’s best to superset non-competing muscle groups – upper and lower body, for example.  This is the default way I program all workouts if the goal is fat loss and conditioning – it just makes the workout harder and helps get a lot more done in less time.

3. Change your training implements

For example, if you’ve been using all barbells and dumbbells to train, switch to using kettlebells and your own body weight to do your training.  This is a very simple and effective way to change up your workouts.

So there you have three easy ways to change your workouts up and kick start your progress.  Implement one or all of these techniques into your program today and you’ll likely see the benefits almost immediately.  Keep training hard and training smart!!

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