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Kettlebell And Body Weight 300 Workout (version 2)

The One Arm Kettlebell Swing The original kettlebell and body weight 300 workout I posted a little over a year ago on this blog (you can check it out here) has been one of my most popular and most viewed … Continue reading

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3 NEW Ways To Change Your Workout Routine

Some version of the ‘Creature Of Habit Workout Guy’ exists at everyone’s local gym – can you find him in yours?  Here’s how:  He’s been doing the same workout since 1986 when he started weight training and bought his first … Continue reading

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How To Use Kettlebells To Lose Body Fat And Get Six Pack Abs

If you’re looking to shed some pounds and flatten up your stomach – and you’re not using kettlebells in your workouts – you’re missing out big time. Kettlebell training is hands-down one of the best, fastest, and most efficient ways to … Continue reading

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Pimp Your Garage Gym: 3 Awesome Equipment Ideas

You don’t need fancy exercise equipment to get great results. In the vast majority of cases, working out with your own body weight and basic pieces of equipment (like the ones I cover in the video below) will actually get … Continue reading

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Boot Camp Fitness: October Challenge Workout from Forest Vance Training, Inc.

I’ll admit it:  The monthly challenge workout I do with all my fitness boot camps in Sacramento, CA has smoked me on more than one occasion.  I always complete the workout myself before I put my training clients through it – … Continue reading

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