Train Like An NFL Star: Football Supplement Guide

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Even though both my college and NFL teams are off to a a rough start, I’m still fired up for the rest of the season – and I’m sure many of you are as well.  This post is the third in a series on how to train like an NFL Star.  I’m going to outline a football supplement guide for you today … if you missed part 1 and part 2 of this series, make sure to check them out by clicking the links below:

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Proper supplementation is sort of the ‘icing on the cake’ when it comes to optimizing performance on the football field; in other words, it’s critical to have both your workout and diet programs dialed in before you add these recommended supplements into the mix.  That being said, here are my top five nutritional supplements for improving football performance (I’ve linked to my favorite brand of each supplement type below its description – make sure to click to learn more):

1. Multivitamin

It’s critical that the human body has adequate amounts of vitamins and minerals to perform at an optimum level; it’s possible to get all the vitamins and minerals you need from food alone, but it’s really hard to do - you would have to eat an unusually large variety of foods.  Think of your multi as a nutritional safeguard – in my opinion, everyone should take one.

2. Glutamine

Glutamine is the body’s most abundant amino acid; its primary function is to support the immune system.  Supplementing with glutamine, especially during times of extra stress, can help to improve recovery.  It’s a great supplement for football players:

3. Whey Protein/Meal Replacement/Weight Gainer

Adequate protein levels support a muscle building environment – and it’s many times difficult and inconvenient to get adequate protein intake from food alone.  Adding a protein powder or meal replacement bar is a convenient and cost effective way to get enough protein to support strength and muscle growth:

4. Creatine

Creatine can help to increase body weight, build muscle and increase short-term endurance.  It’s one of the most researched nutritional supplements on the planet – and proves time and time again to be one of the most effective.  If you’re trying to gain muscle and strength, creatine is a must-have supplement:

5. Caffeine

Caffeine, believe it or not, is another one of the most researched – and most effective – nutritional supplements in existence.  It’s a very popular supplement that can be taken in many different forms and that improves energy, mental focus and athletic performance:

This short football supplement guide wraps up the Train Like An NFL Star blog post series.  Even if you’re not getting ready for an upcoming football season, most of the concepts I covered in the series will help you gain lean muscle, lose fat, and get into great shape.  I’d love to hear some feedback in the comments section – and I hope you enjoyed the series!
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