Train Like An NFL Star: Football Strength and Conditioning Workout

As I sat on my couch today for the first full day of NFL football (and watched my team get spanked – anyone else a 49ers fan?  Man oh man …), I got a bit of inspiration:  I came up with a strength and conditioning program that improves the physical qualities you’d use on the football field – explosive strength, power, and game-specific conditioning.

Over the next two or three posts on this blog, I’m gonna detail the exact workout, diet plan, and even supplements needed to get into great ‘football condtion’.  This first post in the series details the workout – it uses a combo of compound, multi-muscle strength training moves like Squats and Bench Presses to build functional strength, a few ‘vanity’ moves like Bicep Curls to make sure you’re lookin’ good, and some sports-specific kettlebell conditioning to get you into great cardio shape.

Also, before you start, make sure read the disclaimer at the end of this post - this is just a program for ‘average joes’, not real high-level athletes :)

Warm up

Each day, you’ll start with this warm-up:

15 Body Weight Squats
10 Close Grip Push Ups
8 Pull Up or Inverted Rows

Rest about 30 seconds and repeat the sequence again for a total of two times

If you have questions about how to perform any of these exercises, check out my Ultimate Fitness Resource Toolkit guide here:

Weight Workout

You’ll have two days that you alternate between for this weight workout; you’ll do workout A twice and workout B once on the first week (A-B-A) and workout B twice and workout A once the second week (B-A-B). Repeat this for the length of the six week program.

In each workout, the exercises listed are in ‘pairs’; that means you’ll do the first exercise in the pair, move directly to the next exercise in the pair, and then take your rest.  Rest about one minute before starting the first exercise again.

Also, with regards to sets and reps of each exercise, 3×8 = 3 sets of 8 reps, etc.

Workout A

A1. Bench Press 3×6
A2. Chin Up 3x Max Reps

B1. Standing Alternating Dumbbell Press 3×8 (ea)
B2. Bent Over Row 3×8

C1. Standing DB Curl 3×15
C2. Close Grip Push Up 3×20

Workout B

A1. Barbell Back Squat 3×6
A2. Incline DB Press 3×8

B1. Barbell RDL 3×8
B2. Push up with Rotation 3×6 each side

C1. Walking Lunge 3×6 each leg
C2. Inverted Row 3×15


You’ll use kettlebells for your conditioning workouts – and you’ll do Man Makers from Pavel’s Enter the Kettlebell 2-3 three times per week.  The twist you’ll use with this workout, though, is this:  You’ll do Swings for about 20 seconds (the rough length of a play) and run or jog for 40 seconds (the rough length of rest you’d get between plays).  Doing your Man Makers this way makes them a little more football-specific.

Here’s the article on this blog that details how to do the Man Maker workout:


Make sure to stretch after each workout for 5-10 minutes, focusing on areas of your body that you know are tight for you.

Sample Workout Week

An entire week of working out would look like this:

Monday: Workout A
Tuesday: Conditioning
Wednesday: Workout B
Thursday: Conditioning
Friday: Workout A
Saturday: Conditioning
Sunday: Off

Then you’d just start over with Workout B on the next Monday.

That’s it for part one of the Train Like an NFL Star Strength and Conditioning Workout Plan!

I should probably mention that training athletes isn’t my area of expertise; I specialize in training ‘regular’ folks who just want to lose fat and get into shape.  This workout is meant for a fitness enthusiast, someone who’s looking to train like a NFL player, not an actual high-level athlete.

In the next installment, I’ll talk in more detail about the nutrition side of things … so stay tuned!

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