Sandbag Training: An Overview

Back in the day – when your great-great grandfather was working the farm fields – there was no such thing as barbells or dumbbells. But you can bet he was still as strong as an ox … he lifted, pushed and pulled heavy objects all day long.

Flash forward to today, and this type of work has all but disappeared.  But lots of folks – like athletes – are still interested in building that ‘functional strength’ of yore … and this is where sandbag training is just the ticket.

Sandbags are incredibly versatile and provide unstable training with a challenging load. They also build greater stabilizer, trunk, and grip strength.  Plus they’re unique and fun! Check out this training video to learn more:

So I’ve piqued your interest … but you’re wondering where the heck to get a sandbag of your own to try this stuff out.  When it comes to finding the perfect sandbag, you have two basic options: Make your own or purchase one.

Making your own is obviously the cheapest route – and for a lot of folks,  this will work just fine. After all, it’s supposed to be ‘functional’ and awkward to lift, right?  So if you get the design a little off, it’s probably not that big of a deal … just throw some sand in a duffel bag and off you go.

If you’re looking for some specific instructions on how to make your own sandbag, I actually found some on – click here to go to that guide now: Learn how to make your own sandbag (You’ll also find a very simple workout to get you started in the same article).

The second option is purchasing one pre-made. It looks like the Ultimate Sandbag Core Fitness System is the leader in this area – what is pretty cool is that you know the sandbags are high quality, it saves you time and hastle, and each sandbag you order comes with a training dvd, exercise wall poster, and access to a member’s only website. As I count down to opening my new training studio, this is the route I’ll likely go for my sandbags – click here to go to the Ultimate Sandbag site: Ultimate Sandbag Core Fitness System

That’s an overview of what sandbag training is, what it can do for you, and how to get started.  If you’re looking for a new, fun and effective tool to add to the training program, sandbag training could be just the ticket. Train consistent and train hard!!

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6 Responses to Sandbag Training: An Overview

  1. iseckora says:

    Hey this is awesome!!! Sandbags RULE!!! they work so well for functional fitness and can be made for cheap!!

  2. Forest says:

    That's right man! Gotta love sandbag training …

  3. Dan Szepesi says:

    you mentioned having your own studio, that coming soon?

  4. Forest says:

    It is! I'm super excited … I don't have an exact date yet, so I'm still keeping it a little on the down low … but it is coming together very soon

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