Pull Up Substitutes – Cool Video

If you’re training at home, odds are you don’t have access to a Pull Up bar. So what can you do instead? Here’s a great video from Craig Ballentyne, creator of the Turbulence Training for Fat Loss program, that shows you how to perform several different back exercises with just a set of dumbbells:

The exercises covered in the video include:

  • The Dumbbell Pullover
  • The Dumbbell Row and variations
  • The Lateral Raise and variations

So if it’s back day and you don’t have access to a Pull Up bar, substitute one of these dumbbell back exercises and you’ll keep your workout schedule on track.

P.S. Craig Ballentyne’s Turbulence Training is an awesome program … I’ve been doing the ‘TT 2k4′ workout from the Original Turbulence Training for Fat Loss manual as of the last few weeks and have been loving it … if you’re interested in trying it out yourself, click the link below for more details about the program:

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