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Diet vs. Exercise Video – You GOTTA Check This One Out

Think you can ‘out exercise’ a bad diet?  Think again 🙂 Watch this video – you’ll probably be shocked at: A. The relatively small amount of calories you burn during a cardio sessionB. The huge amount of calories it’s possible to … Continue reading

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3 Days To Save Over 50% On The 30 Day Rapid Fat Loss Challenge … Ridiculous Bonuses And More

First things first – kmgreen001 and Cathy are winners of free entry to the challenge … please contact me here and I’ll send you details on how to sign up and get started asap.  Congrats! If you didn’t win (or get a … Continue reading

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The 30 Day Rapid Fat Loss Challenge – Details and How to Get In For FREE!

In an ideal world, we would stay in peak physcial condition 365 days a year. But life happens. And even the fittest of folks get a little off track once in a while. Think back for a moment: Were you … Continue reading

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Sandbag Training: An Overview

Back in the day – when your great-great grandfather was working the farm fields – there was no such thing as barbells or dumbbells. But you can bet he was still as strong as an ox … he lifted, pushed … Continue reading

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Pull Up Substitutes – Cool Video

If you’re training at home, odds are you don’t have access to a Pull Up bar. So what can you do instead? Here’s a great video from Craig Ballentyne, creator of the Turbulence Training for Fat Loss program, that shows you … Continue reading

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Build Muscle – With A Salad?

While you might not think of a salad as a ‘traditional’ muscle-building type of meal, here’s a salad recipe I dug up that fits the bill pretty well: The Ultimate Muscle Building Salad approx 1-2 cups spinach leaves  approx 1-2 … Continue reading

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Heavy Rope Training – Part Two

Heavy rope training is actually a lot like working with kettlebells:  It’s a heck of a lot harder than it looks!  It’s a unique, fun, and very challenging way to reach your fitness goals. In part one of this Heavy … Continue reading

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Heavy Rope Training – Part One

Looking for an effective, inexpensive training method? How about a killer total body strength and conditioning workout?  Heavy rope training could be just what you’re looking for. Heavy rope training is on the scene in full force. It’s just a … Continue reading

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