Slash Your Warm Up Time In Half With A Dumbbell Complex

Hopefully you know that a dynamic warm up is the best way to get yourself ready for intense physical activity (make sure to click the link above if you need some tips and/or examples).

Accordingly, the Dumbbell Complex is a great tool with lots of different applications – and it’s a perfect example of a dynamic warm up.  It’s more effective than your traditional ‘jog and stretch’ pre-training routine and it takes about half the time.  Here’s a quick video of a dumbbell complex we use at Forest Vance Training, Inc. with our clients to prepare for workouts:

To recap:

Pick a moderately challenging weight and perform three upright rows, three RDL’s, three Squat to Overhead Presses, and three Bent Over Rows in a circuit fashion.  Do this three times without resting and you’re ready for the workout ahead!

Side note:  Soft tissue work, joint mobility, and static stretching are all elements that should be addressed in your warm-up/flexibility/re-generative work.  The dumbbell complex in this video is just a piece of the overall puzzle; if you’re looking for a comprehensive guide to flexibility training, take a look at the Functional Flexibility Secrets bonus of my Ultimate Fitness Resource Toolkit.

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