Myth Buster: Creatine For Fat Loss

USPlabs Jack3d, 225 Grams, Lemon Lime

Creatine is likely the most effective, research-proven supplement in existence for building muscle and enhancing athletic performance. But a common question I get from folks is about continuing creatine use during a fat loss phase; the perception is that it somehow impedes or impairs fat loss. I’d like to use this article to dispel this myth.

First off, creatine contains zero calories. So it won’t affect your calorie balance or diet plan in any way.

Secondly, studies have shown creatine supplementation to both increase metabolic rate – by up to 100 calories a day – and result in increased fat loss. So research supports the fact that creatine use could actually help with your weight loss efforts.

Taking creatine while you’re trying to drop weight can also help keep you strong. It’s easy to lose muscle when you’re aggressively trying to lose fat because of reduced calorie intake, lower energy levels, etc. – creatine can help to offset some of this by keeping your muscles full and strength levels up.

On the downside, depending on the type of creatine one takes, it can cause a bit of bloating and the muscles to ‘puff up’ – so if your goal is to get completely shredded, you may want to carefully weigh the positives and negatives of creatine use.

Another potential drawback is that some brands of creatine do have added sugar to aid in absorption, which adds calories to the mixture. This type of creatine you may want to stay away from if you’re trying to watch your calorie intake.

In summary, creatine is one of the most effective supplements around for building muscle and aiding in athletic performance. It can help keep strength levels up during a fat loss phase. On the downside, it can cause a bit of bloat and some mixtures may have added sugar, so these are things to watch out for if you’re looking to lose fat.

P.S. Jack3d is my personal favorite brand of creatine and works great during a fat loss phase – there’s minimal bloat and no added calories. Check out my full review of the product here:

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