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Myth Buster: Creatine For Fat Loss

Creatine is likely the most effective, research-proven supplement in existence for building muscle and enhancing athletic performance. But a common question I get from folks is about continuing creatine use during a fat loss phase; the perception is that it … Continue reading

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The Hard Style Kettlebell Swing

As I’ve talked about a couple of times over on my kettlebell basics blog, there are several ‘styles’, or ways you can perform, the Kettlebell Swing.  The method taught and preferred by the RKC is Hard Style. A nice demo … Continue reading

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Quick Workout For The Lower Abs

The lower abs have to be one of the most common problem areas for both men and women … I get folks asking me about how to work this area all the time.  Here’s a quick YouTube video from Vince … Continue reading

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New Kettlebell Apparel – Save 10% Thru Sunday

The new clothing line from Forest Vance Training, Inc. is officially available!  Check out our kettlebell-themed shirts, hoodies, stickers, hats, and more by clicking the link below: Kettlebell apparel from Forest Vance Training, Inc. Show your kettlebell pride and grab … Continue reading

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Skin-Splitting Friday Bicep Workout

I’m not usually a fan of direct arm work … but it’s Friday, and I know you need to get those guns pumped before you hit the town for the night.  Here’s a 10 minute bicep burner for ‘ya: 10 … Continue reading

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Slash Your Warm Up Time In Half With A Dumbbell Complex

Hopefully you know that a dynamic warm up is the best way to get yourself ready for intense physical activity (make sure to click the link above if you need some tips and/or examples). Accordingly, the Dumbbell Complex is a … Continue reading

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Friday 5 Minute Push Up Workout

Burn out your chest, shoulders and triceps with this Push Up workout you can do in five minutes or less: 1. Incline Push Ups – Max Reps Elevate your feet on a bench or chair.  Keep your abs nice and … Continue reading

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Smash Your Fat Loss Plateau With A Challenge Workout

Are you tired of doing the same old routine at the gym? Have your fat loss efforts slowed despite the hard work you’re putting in? Turbo charge your fat loss program with a challenge workout … A challenge workout is … Continue reading

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