3 Creative Ways To Change Up Your Workouts

Has the progress you were once making with your fitness program come to a screeching halt?  While we’re all probably aware that changing things up is an important factor in your continual fitness progress, you might not be aware of all the different ways you can go about changing your workouts.  Here are three creative ways to mix things up:

1. Change your workout location

Go to a different gym for a month.  Pick up a pair of kettlebells and take your training outside.  This can be enough to energize you and help you start making progress again.

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2. Change the time of day you train

If you usually train early in the morning, workout in the evening, and vice versa.  This also helps prepare your body for hard physical activity any time of the day – important for optimum health and function.

3. Change up your strength training implements

If you’re using dumbells and barbells primarily, change it up and use kettlebells or your own body weight.  This is one of the best ways to kick start your progress.  You’ll also likely learn new exercises and training techniques in the process.

That’s three ways for ‘ya to change up your workouts and ensure continuous fitness progress.  If you’re stuck at a fitness plateau, try one or more of these techinques to turbo-charge your program today!

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