2 Tips To Help You Get Ripped For Summer

Summer is finally here … and it’s time to showcase all that hard work!!  Here’s a simple strategy to help you strip that final layer of body fat and get ripped for summer

Most people think high reps and light weight is the way to get ripped … the sad thing is that this couldn’t be further from the truth!

The truth is that there’s no ‘magic formula’ for gaining muscle definition.  The only way to get more defintion and get that ripped physique for summer is to lower your body fat level!!

The first way to lower your body fat is to change your diet.  Eat less than you consume and you’ll lose weight, plain and simple …

The second way to lose body fat is to burn more calories.  In the most basic terms:  Work out more than you are now :)  If you can work out intensely for an hour or so six days a week, you’ll be burning at least 3500 calories through your exercise routine alone …

If you’re using the high rep and light weight formula to lose fat, you’re probably taking the wrong approach.  Your main focus needs to be on dialing in your diet and upping your overall activity level if your goal is to get ripped for summer.

Keep training hard!!

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