Steps To Being Vegetarian: A Starter Guide

Thinking about going vegetarian? If you do it right, it can be an effective way of eating to improve your health and lose some fat while you’re at it. Here’s a starter guide to get you going that outlines some steps to being a vegetarian:

1. Have good reasons and do your research

First, decide on the exact reasons why you want to go veggie. Is is for moral reasons, health reasons, or both? If you have a specific motivation, it helps to keep you on track and stay motivated.

Secondly, make sure you do your research. What you don’t want to do is just stop eating meat and continue to eat everything else you normally would. To get a balanced diet in terms of protein intake as well as vitamins and minerals, there are special considerations for vegetarians. So spend some time planning ahead, figuring out how you’re going to combine foods to get your daily protein requirements, etc.

2. Find good meals and start testing them

Get together some vegetarian recepies and start testing them out before you jump into the adventure full steam ahead. This way, you’ll know what you’re getting yourself into and if vegetarianism is really for you.

3. Make it a gradual transition

Start by cutting out red meat. Then cut out chicken and turkey. Then fish. Then eggs and dairy (if you’re going vegan). You can also go cold turkey (no pun intended) if that’s how you roll, but most people will probably have an easier time making a gradual transition.

So there you have a basic guide for making the transition to vegetarianism!  Think about it :)

Now, if you’re looking to get started with this ASAP and want to ‘supercharge’ your efforts, I do have a recommendation for you: the Easy Veggie Meal Plans system by California nutrition expert Kardena Pauza. I’ve talked about this product before … but it’s on sale for the next three days for more than 30% off – just in time for this post :)

The system gives you everything you need to get started as a vegetarian – all the research and planning is done for you. You just have to focus on getting it done!

Here’s a quick list of what it includes:

* A 90 day Meal Plan of vegan meals that save you time and money

* A ‘Veggie Lifestyle’ Book with everything you need to know about living the vegetarian lifestyle

* Two audio tape ‘coaching calls’ to keep you from falling back into to your old eating habits and resist the ‘haters’ who try and talk you into eating meat again

* A recipe book of raw food smoothies

A pretty killer deal for $35 if you ask me. So if you’re thinking about going veggie and you need a plan, there’s never been a better time! Grab your discounted copy of Easy Veggie Meal Plans by Thursday night the 13th of May by clicking below:

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