5 Great Kettlebell Books

Kettlebell training is hot … but really still in it’s infancy in terms of quality information that’s available about it.  And you can always learn more and expand upon your current knowledge level, whatever that may be.

Here are five popular kettlebell books to help you further your kettlebell training knowledge:

Enter The Kettlebell! Strength Secret of The Soviet Supermen 

The hardstyle kettlebell training bible.  By Pavel, the man responsible for popularizing kettlebells in the US.  Great guide that breaks down the basic drills to very fine detail and gives you several awesome training plans to pick from.  Companion DVD is also available.

The Great Kettlebell Handbook

Pictures and descriptions of 39 kettlebell exercises and 3 sample training routines.  Good one if you’re looking for a quick reference guide.

 Body Sculpting with Kettlebells for Women: Over 50 Total Body Exercises

From Lorna Kliedman – based more on the kettlebell sport lifiting style (vs. Pavel, who teaches hardstyle) – a ‘female-specific’ approach to kettlebell training (if that exists).  Good one for women who might be intimidated by other kettlebell training materials but who are interesting in learning more about KB’s.

Kettlebell Training for Athletes: Develop Explosive Power and Strength for Martial Arts, Football, Basketball, and Other Sports

Looking for a sports-specific approach to kettlebell training?  You’ll find it here – this one is brand new.  Lots of information here – but the attention to proper technique isn’t quite there like it is in Pavel’s books. 

The Russian Kettlebell Challenge

Pavel’s ‘original’ kettlebell manual – some slightly different training philosophies than are included in Enter the Kettlebell, as well as some different exericses – but well worth the read if you liked ETK.

And of course last but not least … the ultimate beginner’s guide to kettlebell training is the KettlebellBasics.net Quick Start Guide by yours truly :)   Mine comes in digital download form, so you you’ll get it instantly as soon as you order.  It includes several bonuses you wouldn’t find with a normal book.  And I recorded some special follow-along mp3′s for a personal touch.  Check it out here:

Keep training hard!  Feel free to suggest any books here that I’ve left out.

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