Three Essential Components Of The ‘Best Fat Burning Workout’

The truth is there’s really no ‘secret’ best fat burning workout.  Take in less calories than you burn and guess what?  You lose weight!!  But, when we’re designing a workout around this principle – burning as many calories as possible and firing up your metabolism – there are a few basic rules to follow that can help us out.  Here are three things to focus on when putting together your fat burning workouts:

1. Pick Multi-Joint Exercises

This means that you need to do exercises like squats, push ups, lunges, deadlifts, overhead presses, etc. Why? Mainly because these exercises work the largest amount of muscle at once and burn the most calories.

2. Keep rest breaks to a minimum

The idea, when we’re trying to burn fat, is to keep moving and get the maximum amount of work done in a minimum amount of time. If you’re resting for three minutes between sets and chatting with your friends, odds are you’re not working. Keep those rest breaks to a minimum.

3. Word hard

This, one would think, might go without saying, but it doesn’t. Seriously, working hard is very important for getting the kind of results you’re looking for. It’s inescapable and a necessary evil (depending on how you look at it) of losing fat.

So there you have the three critical components – picking multi-joint exercises, keeping rest breaks to a minumum, and working hard – of the best fat loss workout around. Apply these three things and you’ll be closer to your goal in no time!!

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