Sample Workout From No Gym? No Excuse! … And A Special Offer For Blog Readers

I did this workout from the No Gym? No Excuse! book and DVD set the other day and it reminded me how tough some of the workouts were …. here it is for ‘ya:

10 Burpees
15 Kettlebell Swings
20 Pull Ups
25 Walking Lunges
30 Sit Ups

Complete each round with as little rest as possible between exercises; rest one minute between rounds and repeat twice for a total of three rounds.

Notes: Body Rows can be substituted for Pull Ups if necessary.  A dumbbell can also be used for the Swings if a kettlebell is not available.


One more thing:  I’ve gotten a lot of requests lately for a physical copy of the No Gym? No Excuse! book and DVD.  Though I think the ebook and downloadable video format is great because it’s delivered instantly, I know some of you like to have that tangible product.

So as a token of appreciation for readers of this blog, I’ve decided on the following special offer:

For a limited time, I’ll send you a physical copy of the book and DVD along with a digital copy of the standard bonus items for $37.  Shipping is included- and I’ll even throw in an extra special bonus, a copy of my 7 Day Rapid Fat Loss Blueprint – a bonus not normally included in the No Gym? No Excuse package.  I’ll even sign the book for you if you’d like – just tell me who to make it out to in the PayPal notes!

Now, this truly is a limited time offer – once I run out of inventory, the offer is over.  So if you’ve been considering purchasing No Gym? No Excuse!, there’s never been a better time!

Important: you must purchase the book and DVD set through the link below to get this deal!!  This is a special for readers of this blog only – if you purchase No Gym? No Excuse! from, you won’t be eligible.  Thanks!
Sorry, special is closed …

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