How To Blast Through Your Fat Loss Plateau

If this describes you:

  • You’re stuck – you’ve stopped making progress with your workouts
  • You’ve tried changing things up, eating less, even taking fat loss pills – nothing seems to work
If you’re interested in learning how to:
  • Lose fat and build muscle the fast and easy way (especially compared to what you’re probably putting yourself through right now)
  • A simple, painless meal plan for fat loss
  • How to get in the proper mindset to lose fat and change your body (this is a key, and often overlooked, piece of the puzzle)
Then check out this short video:

You need to enter this contest – it’s soo simple and will take just a couple minutes of your time – here’s what you have to do:
Post a comment on this post with the biggest problem you’re having breaking your own personal fitness plateau … and you’ll be entered to win one of two free copies! You only have through this Friday to enter, so act quickly!! Leave a comment now before it’s too late …
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11 Responses to How To Blast Through Your Fat Loss Plateau

  1. nikki_p says:

    This is great Forest! Will be great to slip this into my gym bag for inspiration when I'm otherwise tempted to have a lazy day, and to have some snack ideas in my purse while I'm at the grocery store. Thanks for putting this together.

  2. Alexa Giannoni says:

    The main issue I face in overcoming my fitness plateau is that although I have increased my workouts by adding weights and running, I still have yet to see a difference in my weight.

  3. Forest says:

    Glad you're looking forward to the new product, Nikki – that's exactly what it's for, quick workout ideas and a done for you meal planning – a 'quick fix' to solve your problem, if you will. Thanks for the post

  4. Forest says:

    That's a totally common problem, Alexa … and a lot of times it comes down to your diet. Having that plan, in my experience, can be really helpful … especially when you have a lot of different choices for meals to change things up

  5. mizzvickic says:

    Everyone wants quick results but putting in the time and effort requires work and dedication. My fitness plateau involves being patient with myself. However recently I have noticed more endurance, strength and stamina because of sticking to intense workouts. With that being said, I am beginning to trust the process and not totally give in when missing a workout or not having a perfect diet…it happens, let it go and get back on it!

  6. Forest says:

    I totally agree Vikki .. sticking with the plan and making small tweaks as needed along the way is how you end up successful in the end! It's easy for the first week or two when you're excited, but it gets a lot harder when it becomes part of your routine … and that's when it's all the more important

  7. Shay says:

    Thanks, Forest! I believe my problem to loose the last 10 pounds is the fact that I have a hard time getting rid of carbohydates in my diet. I do not eat a lot, but my 1700 daily calories is mostly composed of CH!!! Also, As I used to run a lot in the past, I am a bit limited now when I run because of my back issues…I believe I can solve this problem but trying to like other cardio machines at the gym!…

  8. Forest says:

    Shay -

    Eating the right kind of carbs is key for fat loss and overall health – especially dropping those last 5 or 10 pounds a lot of times really requires you to 'dial it in'.

  9. Marie says:

    My sweet tooth is what's keeping me from losing those last 10 pounds!

    Seriously, I work out consistently, but eating right is so hard for me and I know that's why I'm stuck.

  10. Forest says:

    Marie -

    You're right – working out is the fun part, but eating right requires so much more focus – it's a 24 hour a day, 7 day a week thing

  11. Lao says:

    The thing that is preventing me from getting off this plateau is my exercise routine itself. I have been able to maintain my 135 weight for awhile now and that is great but I'm using the same routine to try to lose more weight. So I need to find a more intense workout. And I'm going to try a new protein drink.

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