5 Garage Gym Essentials

There are a large number of reasons that people decide to ditch the health club and put together some equipment at home for their personal workouts. One of the trickiest parts of this process is figuring out exactly what you’re going to need with regards to training equipment. Here are five pieces that I think are essential to any garage gym set up:
1. Kettlebells
Kettlebells are a great tool to have for your garage gym. They give you the flexibility to hit all your major muscle groups in a very efficient manner – not to mention helping you get a resistance training and cardio workout all in one shot.

Check out this article over at kettlebellbasics.net for recommendations on what size to start with and what the best brands are.
2. Dynamax Med Balls
Another very versatile piece of equipment; can be used for anything from from sit ups to rotations to upper body throws.

3. Pull Up Bar
This could be as simple as one of the newly-popular ‘door gyms’ or it could be something sturdier and more permanent. Regardless, you’ll need something to do your pulls on. Pulling is one of the main movements you really can’t do with just your own body weight.

4. Olympic Weight Set
A 300 pound olympic weight set gives you the option of doing some heavier lifting, which is important to include in your programming at some point.

5. Jump Rope
Jumping rope is great cardio – plus it’s compact and a heck of a lot cheaper than a treadmill :)

All of these pieces of equipment together can be purchased for less than $500 – so not only is having a garage gym convenient, it’s affordable – $500 is less than a year of membership dues at most health clubs.
Now that you know how to build your garage gym, you need a workout program to pair with your new equipment – for the perfect program to help you use these tools to get a great workout in 30 minutes or less (and to try a week of free workouts), check out our book and dvd set at www.nogymnoexcuse.com!!
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