Kettlebell Cardio Fitness: Viking Warrior Conditioning

Viking Warrior Conditioning
If you don’t like working hard and you’re satisfied with sub-par results from your workouts, then skip this article.
If you’re looking for a ‘cardio‘ routine that actually works for shedding body fat and building the lung capacity of a porpoise, the Viking Warrior Conditioning program by Kenneth Jay, Master RKC could be right up your alley.
This program is no joke. Your heart rate will probably get higher than it ever has in your entire life. It’s a true test of mental and physical fortitude. But if you can work your way up to the full 80 sets of kb snatches in 40 minutes, your level of conditioning – and physique – will be truly world-class.
I’ll keep this post short and not give too much away … if you want to know more about the program, check out this page on
Keep training hard!
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