Workouts To Lose Weight Quick

So you’re feeling a little guilty about the few pounds you put on over the holidays and you need a plan to help you lose weight quick. Don’t worry – I’m going to share a few things with you today to help you lose weight fast. These are structuring your workout for maximum efficiency, focusing on ‘bang for your buck’ exercises, and pairing exercises together during your workouts.

First, your workout should be structured so that you burn as many calories as possible in the amount of time you have available. Weight loss boils down to taking in less calories then you expend, after all. In order to burn the maximum amount of calories in the minimum amount of time, we’re going to focus on exercises that give you lots of ‘bang for your buck’: we’ll pick exercises that work lots of muscle groups at once. If our goal is fast weight loss, a circuit like this would be great:

Exercises like concentration curls, on the other hand, would be out. These are called ‘isolation’ exercises – fine for bodybuilding, but probably not the best or most productive choice for fast weight loss:

Finally, ‘pair’ your exercises together during your workouts. For example, you might pick a lower body exercise, like squats, and alternate between that and an upper body exercise, like push ups. This is much more time efficient – and not to mention just plain tougher – than the traditional do a set, rest, do a set, etc. type of set up.

These are just a few tips to help you structure your workouts to lose weight quick. Putting this information together to build a workout that’s designed with you and your specific goals in mind is critical. If you’d like a free seven day workout plan and some quick and easy meal and snack ideas to give you more structure and help you move towards your goals faster and more efficiently, visit and sign up – and good luck with your weight loss efforts in the new year!
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