Three Tips To Improve Your Kettlebell Clean

I was in the middle of a kettlebell clean and press workout (the ETK Rite of Passage to be exact) the other day and something dawned on me: it took me literally thousands of reps to really master the kettlebell clean. One of the issues was that I waited too long to get proper
coaching on the movement – so that’s a testament to get with a Certified Russian Kettlebell
Instructor in your area
if want to learn how to do things right.

I find that it’s the little cues and coaching points that make all the difference when teaching clients – whether it’s how to train with kettlebells or how to perform a squat or a push-up. So here are three of those cues I often use when teaching the kettlebell clean:

1. Refine your arc

The arc of the clean is much closer to the body than that of a swing. Think of zipping up a
jacket as you bring the ‘bell up the front of your body.

2. Get the hip drive ‘just right’

To get the arc right, you’ll also need to generate just the right amount of power with the
hips: too much and you’ll end up banging your wrist, too little and the movement ends up more
like a cheat curl. You just gotta practice this.

3. Upper cut your hand around the ‘bell

Instead of letting the kettlebell come around your forarm, you should think about quickly
getting your hand around the it as it comes up your body.

I hope these three tips help you refine one of the trickiest basic kettlebell exercises, the
kettlebell clean. Keep training hard and good luck!

If you’re still new to kettlebell training and need some help learning and/or refining the basic drills, check out the new Quick Start Guide on It breaks down the swing, the squat, the get up, the clean and press, and the snatch into detail and helps you incorporate these movements into your existing routine to put you on the fast track to reaching your fitness goals!

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