Myth Buster: Fat Burning Foods

Is there actually such a thing as a ‘fat burning’ or ‘negative calorie’ food? I’ll talk about exactly what a fat burning food is and if you can actually use this principle to reach your weight loss goals.

A fat burning food is loosely defined as a food that ultilizes more energy being processed by the body than it does contain energy in itself. Foods that are high in protein and fiber are the type of foods that would theoretically fall into this category, as protein and fiber take more energy to process by the body than do foods coming primarily from carbohydrate or fat. Some spicy foods could fit into this category, too, as they contain a substance called capsaicin that could elevate your metabolic rate slightly.

So is it enough to make a difference? In short, no. The difference is so small that you’re much better off focusing on the basics – like controlling your portion sizes, balancing your foods the right way, and eating multiple small meals throughout the day.

In summary, the concept of ‘fat burning’ or ‘negative calorie’ foods doesn’t hold much truth. Dail in the basics, stay focused, and you’ll be at your fitness goals in no time. Good luck!
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One Response to Myth Buster: Fat Burning Foods

  1. Paul A Drockton III says:

    Why it is difficult to lose weight and burn fat?
    Actually, it is not so difficult if you stick to this principle: You should plan before you start, make notes of everything you do and stay fully consistent!

    If you plan before you start, you will set a clear goal in your mind before you start your undertaking of reducing excess weight. This will help you stay focused and determined on the challenge at hand.

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