How To Get 50% Off Our Online Training Services

To kick off our online training program at, we’re doing a pilot program: five slots will be opened up at a 50% discount for one month ($49 for the first five individuals – standard pricing of $99 a month moving forward). This will include individualized program design, meal planning, and most importantly feedback on what’s working and what’s not. You’ll also get a free copy of the No Gym? No Excuse! training manual when you sign up.

There are several reasons why online training is superior to doing a program you get from a book, magazine, or somewhere else online – most importantly, an individualized program can be based on the equipment you have available, the amount of time you have to train, and your own specific recovery ability. You also will be required to keep a training journal, which adds a huge element of accountability – another thing you won’t get from a ‘cookie-cutter’ program you find somewhere else.

You’ll submit a training log and nutrition journal once a week, and you’ll be given an opportunity to ask any questions you’d like about any aspect of the training program. If you’re not familiar with any given exercise, I’ll supply you with the pictures and/or videos that you need to bring you up to speed.

Remember, this is a pilot program: I’m only going to accept five people – I have a limited amount of time myself :) Based on requests for this service, I’m pretty confident the five slots will fill quick – so sign up today if you want in!
Click The Subscribe Button Below Get 50% Off Our Online Training Services – $49 A Month, Limited To 1st Five Clients

Program Sold Out! Thanks For Your Interest

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