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Three Tips To Improve Your Kettlebell Clean

I was in the middle of a kettlebell clean and press workout (the ETK Rite of Passage to be exact) the other day and something dawned on me: it took me literally thousands of reps to really master the kettlebell … Continue reading

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How To Get 50% Off Our Online Training Services

To kick off our online training program at, we’re doing a pilot program: five slots will be opened up at a 50% discount for one month ($49 for the first five individuals – standard pricing of $99 a month … Continue reading

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Win A Free Copy Of The Quick Start Guide

Quick reminder that I’m giving away two free copies of our new kettlebell training manual over on – it’ll literally take you three or four minutes to enter. What do you have to lose? Head over and check it … Continue reading

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Online Personal Fitness Training: Pros and Cons

Online training seems to be getting more popular all the time – and as a seasoned ‘real-life’ trainer and coach, I’d like to provide a little input as to what I think of it’s value. I’ll give you my opinion … Continue reading

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Back Exercises You Can Do Without Weights

If you know what you’re doing, you can get a great workout with your own body weight almost anywhere. Pretty cool, really – I guess knowledge is power, as they say. However, one body part that’s pretty tough to hit … Continue reading

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Myth Buster: Fat Burning Foods

Is there actually such a thing as a ‘fat burning’ or ‘negative calorie’ food? I’ll talk about exactly what a fat burning food is and if you can actually use this principle to reach your weight loss goals. A fat … Continue reading

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Green Bulge Review

Looking for a killer creatine product? Green Bulge by Controlled Labs is one of my personal favorites. It’s a creatine supplement that comes in pill form and is very effective for building size and strength. According to, Green Bulge … Continue reading

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Workouts To Lose Weight Quick

So you’re feeling a little guilty about the few pounds you put on over the holidays and you need a plan to help you lose weight quick. Don’t worry – I’m going to share a few things with you today … Continue reading

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Free KB Training Video – Common KB Technique Problems and How To Fix Them

If you’re relatively new to KB training, odds are that your form isn’t 100% on point yet. I’ve created a free 11 minute video that goes over common problems with the swing, the snatch, and the clean – and how … Continue reading

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