Tabata Front Squats

Tabata front squats are an incredibly tough exercise – they torch your legs and shoot your heart rate through the roof. I finished off a group training session with these today – it was a truly horrible experience for all involved – that’s why I’m sharing it with all of you :)

The ‘Tabata’ method, just for a quick review, is a simple interval protocol. It involves twenty seconds of all-out work, ten seconds of rest, and is repeated eight times. Then puke, fall down, pass out, etc. I wrote more about the Tabata method in this post.
You can do Tabata intervals with just about any exercise that works a bunch of major muscle groups at once – push ups, squats, pull ups, sit ups, etc.
I picked front squats because holding a weight in front of you makes the standard squat a lot harder, and additionally, it’s easy to get out of if you hit failure – you can just drop the weight to bail out.
Do Tabata front squats as a finisher at the end of your next leg day and let me know how it goes for you! :)
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