Quick Full Body Workouts: The 100 Burpee Challenge

Looking for a way to get a quick full body workout on a daily basis for the next 100 days?   How about getting in spectacular condition in the process with nothing but your own bodyweight?
You need the 100 burpee challenge.
The rules are simple: start with one burpee on day one, two burpees on day two, and keep going ’till you hit 100 burpees on day 100. If you miss a day, you can make it up, but you’ve gotta double up the next day. Not so fun, because burpees pretty much suck. Also, you don’t have to do them all at once – you can break your daily total up into manageable chunks if you have to.
I won’t claim to have come up with this idea myself; if you google ’100 burpee challenge’, here’s the first site that comes up:
(It’s a blog detailing one person’s 100 burpee challenge journey. Gives you a good idea of what to expect if you’re planning on going for it.)
Another thread on the CrossFit discussion board that explains the challege a little further:
Oh, and one more thing – here’s what a proper burpee should look like:
Take the 100 burpee challenge and in just over three months you’ll be in great shape, probably have a little less body fat and a little more muscle, but most importantly, you’ll be in the elite company of those who’ve completed the 100 burpee challenge.
Who’s in?
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