Full Body Exercises Without Weights

Group Burpees?

If you’re stuck without any equipment or just want to add a little variety to your existing routine, body weight training can be a powerful way to get a quick, efficient, and productive workout. Particularly if you’re trying to lose fat and improve you cardio conditioning, you’ll want to pick exercises that target all your major muscle groups for maximum efficiency. Here’s three of my personal favorite full body exercises you can do without weight:

1. Body weight squats

This is one of the most basic – and most important – body weight exercises. One of the first things I teach new clients is how to squat properly. Getting this exercise down pat is a pre-requisite for moving on to more advanced body weight movements.

Start with your feet between hip and shoulder width apart. Drop the hips back like you’re sitting in a chair. The spine is lengthened and the chest is up; pause for a moment at the bottom and drive thru the heels back up to standing position.

Everyone can do more of these. Get up in the morning and start your day with 20 body weight squats. Do them for a warm up before your workouts. Do 100 as quick as you can. Just do more!

2. Burpees

Start in a standing position. Put your hands on the ground and kick your feet back into push up position. Do a push up and jump back up to your feet, jump in the air and clap your hands above your head. The first time you try this one you’re almost guaranteed to be smoked!

One way to work burpees into your routine and to take your overall conditioning to the next level is the 100 burpee challenge: you do one burpee on day one, two burpees on day two, three burpees on day three, and continue in this fashion until you reach 100 burpees on day 100!!

3. Mountain climbers

Start in a push up position for this one. Alternately bring your right knee to your chest and left knee to the chest. Try performing 50 reps for time as fast as you can to finish off your next workout.

The burpee, the body weight squat, and the mountain climber are three of my favorite full body exercises without weights. If you’d like to learn how to do more exercises like these, and receive a free 7 day sample workout using kettlebells, dumbells, and your own body weight, be sure to visit http://nogymnoexcuse.com!

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  1. Imerson says:

    I love bodyweight exercises! I am usually on the go, so if I want to exercise, I either have to jog or do bodyweight exercise.

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