Can You Lose Weight With A Vegetarian Meal Plan?

Here’s something that sounds like a good idea but doesn’t usually end up working very well: weight loss on a vegetarian meal plan. I personally know quite a few people who’ve tried and ended up struggling with this.
The good news is that losing weight while eating vegetarian is absolutely possible, even easy – there are a few key factors, though, that play a big role in your success. Here are a few reasons why people frequently have problems with this approach, in addition to some of the benefits you might see from going ‘veggie’:
First, from what I’ve heard and what I’ve observed in working with a decent amount of vegetarian clients, vegetarians actually tend to eat a lot of processed foods that are high in sodium and sugar and low in vitamins and minerals. This might seem a bit contradictory, as the word ‘vegetarian’ sort of implies that one would eat a lot of vegetables 🙂 Eating a lot of highly processed foods often actually leads to increased calorie intake and weight gain.
Second, without a plan of attack, a vegetarian can easily end up with a bad balance of protein, carbs, and fat, and an un-nutititous diet. You end up with inflammation, acne, congestion, digestive problems, low energy – all not good.
Third, if you’re relying on highly processed, easy to prepare meatless foods, you don’t get a lot of variety. This type of diet for a lot of us is really hard to stick to. This is another reason many people fail at weight loss when trying to go ‘veggie’.
However, if you know how to build a vegetarian meal plan properly, it can work very well for weight loss. Eating this way can be cheap, easy, and super healthy.
I came across a great package that does most of the work for you with regards to planning and preparation. The program is called ‘Easy Veggie Meal Plans’. The program was created by California nutrition expert Kardena Pauza. Here’s a quick list of what it includes:
  • A 90 day Meal Plan of vegan meals that save you time and money
  • A ‘Veggie Lifestyle’ Book with everything you need to know about living the vegetarian lifestyle
  • Two audio tape ‘coaching calls’ to keep you from falling back into to your old eating habits and resist the ‘haters’ who try and talk you into eating meat again
  • A recipe book of raw food smoothies
So, a vegetarian meal plan can actually work for weight loss if you do it right. Focusing on the right foods, having a plan of attack, and making sure to get enough variety in your diet are all keys to success. If you’re ready to take action and start making progress towards your weight loss goal the vegetarian way, click here to go to!
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