The Best Type Cardio For Fat Loss

This Guy Might Be Taking His Cardio Training
A Little Too Far …

Have you ever wondered what the best type of cardio for fat loss is? I’ll spare you the details and give you the short answer: there isn’t one!

The best kind of cardio for fat loss is whatever kind satisfies the following factors for your particular situation:

1. Frequency

This is how many times per week you’re doing your cardio. This variable would be adjusted depending on your goals. If you’re trying to lose fat, you probably need to be doing some type of cardio five or six days a week – if your goal is to gain muscle, you might only be doing your cardio two or three times per week, if you’re doing it at all.

2. Intensity

This is how hard you’re working. One of the best ways to monitor this is by keeping track of your heart rate – although the ‘target heart rate range’ concept can be a little inaccurate and even misleading. This would also refer to the ‘type’ of cardio workout you’re doing – intervals, steady state, etc. Click HERE for a more detailed article on how to program your cardio workouts.

3. Time

How long you’re doing your cardio for. This one is, again, going to vary depending on your goals. For fat loss, many of my clients have had success doing 2-3 longer ‘steady-state’ sessions per week and 2-3 ‘interval’ sessions per week. Again, for a more detailed description of these things, check out this article.

4. Type

What type of cardio you’re doing; that is, eliptical, stairmaster, treadmill, rowing machine, etc. It’s a good idea to change this up every once in a while for a variety of reasons – to prevent your body from adapting, to prevent overuse injuries, etc.

5. Enjoyment

This is a really important one – you have to enjoy your cardio program to stick with it! This is so critical for sticking with a program for the long haul. Do yourself a favor and find something you actually like (at least a little).

In short, the ‘best’ type of cardio for fat loss is one that you can achieve the proper intensity with and one that you enjoy. It’s also important to change the type of cardio you’re doing periodically. And don’t forget to think outside the box a little – body weight training and kettlebell workouts can give you a hell of a ‘cardio’ workout.

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And good luck with your fat loss goal!

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3 Responses to The Best Type Cardio For Fat Loss

  1. Chad says:

    Excellent post! I couldn't agree more…

    Burning fat with cardio really comes down to frequency and intensity.

    How much you enjoy the exercise plays a big part too, because when you choose exercises you enjoy, you are more than likely to stick with it. I thought that was an excellent point.

    Cardio is great for fat loss, and can even be added to mass building workout routines but to a less degree of course.

    A lot of people think they will lose muscle when doing cardio, but this isn't true at all.

    In order for a person to lose muscle from doing cardio, the person would have to be at such a low body fat percentage that the body had very little energy resources to choose from. At that point, and only at that point, would the body rely on its own muscle tissue to supply itself with energy.

    Anyway… Great post.

  2. Forest says:

    Thanks for the feeback Chad! Glad you enjoyed the post.

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