USPlabs Jack3d Review

The #1 most widely used, most reliable, and most effective supplement on the planet for building muscle is Creatine. A creatine and pre-workout supplement that I’ve recently tried and am a big fan of is Jack3d by USPlabs.

Before I talk specifically about Jack3d, let’s just do a quick review of exactly what creatine – one of the main active ingredients in Jack3d – does.

Among other things, creatine works by increasing the adenosine triphosphate (ATP) levels in muscle. ATP acts as the major energy carrying molecule in our bodies.

In effect, when we’re doing, say, a set of Push-Ups, ATP is lost with muscle fatigue, and must be replenished in order to keep working. Creatine supplementation helps boost phosphocreatine levels in muscle, which can be converted to ATP as we fatigue.
In plain English: we can do a few more reps per set with a heavier weight when we’re taking creatine or something like Jack3d, which over time leads to bigger strength gains, more muscle, etc.
The other cool thing about creatine is that it has a volumizing effect; so after about a week or so, your muscles look and feel a little fuller and bigger. Kind of feels like you’re walking around pumped up all the time – pretty cool.
Now, there are a lot of different types of creatine products on the market. The old-school stuff was creatine monohydrate powder – it came in powder form and tasted pretty bad. You can still get a hold of it but there are a lot of better alternatives.
There have been a variety of different creatine products to hit the market in the last ten years; a lot of the new products mix AAKG with creatine for an increased volumizing effect like I talked about before, which I personally think works pretty well.
One of the newest, best, and most reasonably priced supplements like this is Jack3d by USPlabs. It’s got the above mentioned ingredients in addition to some pre-workout stimulants to give you a little boost – which is nice. Click below to find out more about it and to order:
USPlabs Jack3d, 225 Grams, Lemon Lime
I hope that gave you a little background and information on Jack3d and creatine in general.  Good luck with your muscle building efforts!
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