Thanksgiving Diet Tips

Thanksgiving is almost here … and while you gotta enjoy yourself a little, here are a few tips to keep you from completely blowing your diet:
1. Plan Ahead
On Thanksgiving Day, as long as you don’t go completely overboard, go ahead and eat what you want. One meal isn’t going to throw you that off track.
A bigger problem comes from the entire holiday season – the parties, familiy get-togethers, office gatherings, etc. It’s the day-to-day stuff that collectively adds up. So stay good for the rest of the week and plan your cheat meal for Thanksgiving Day. That’s your first Thanksgiving diet tip.
2. Make ‘Healthier’ Choices
Choose white meat turkey instead of dark meat. Have one glass of wine instead of three. Go for the veggies instead of the mashed potatoes. It’s not rocket science – you probably have a pretty good idea what’s healthy and what’s not. This leads us nicely to Thanksgiving diet tip #3 -
3. Moderate Yourself
One glass of wine, a couple of crackers with some cheese on ‘em, and one sensibly-sized plate of food isn’t going to kill you. You’ll still walk out of there having consumed 1500-2000 calories, but it won’t be nearly as bad as it could be. You could easily consume 5000 (not kidding) if you’re not careful. So take it easy and you’ll be okay.
Planning ahead for your cheat meal on Thanksgiving day, making sensible choices, and moderating yourself are three easy ways to minimize the diet damage this Thanksgiving. But most importantly, have fun!
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