Five Great Ways To Workout At Home

Busy and no time to hit the gym? No problem. You can stick with your workout routine easily and get a killer workout without leaving your house! Here are five ways to workout at home.
1. Use your own body weight
Do a circuit of exercises with your own body weight. The possibilities are nearly endless – try this sequence:
20 squats
15 sit ups
10 push ups
Do this three times without resting.
2. Use dumbells
Add a pair of dumbells and you have almost all you need to get a fantastic workout at home. Now you can add resistance to do exercises like shoulder presses, bicep curls, tricep extensions, rows, and much, much more.
Start by adding in a couple sets of fifteen each of bicep curls and tricep extensions to the previously listed body weight sequence.
3. Incorporate kettlebells into the mix
Incorporating kettlebell work into your program is one of the best ways to workout at home. A single kettlebell enables you to work your entire body in a really short amount of time.
One of the most basic kettlebell exercises is the kettlebell swing. Take a look at this YouTube video of me demonstrating how to do a kettlebell swing.
4. Jump Rope
If you need to get in some pure cardio work, jumping rope is another one of the great ways to workout at home. You can do single jumps, alternating feet jumps, hand crossover jumps, lunge jumps, double jumps – I’m no jump rope expert, these are just a few different jump rope moves that I try to mix into my routine. All I know is that after about five minutes of jumping rope I’m pretty smoked!
5. Stretch
Another great way to workout at home – work on your flexibility. It’s important to do some flexibilty training to balance out your training program. I encorporate basic yoga moves into my clients routines all the time.
I find that many of the basic yoga poses – downward dog, pidgeon, child’s pose, cobra – just give you a much better stretch in the target muscle groups than some other more traditional stretches.
These are five ways to get a fast, efficient workout at home. If you don’t like the gym, or you just don’t have time to hit it on a regular baisis, try one or all of these elements for your next home workout.
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