3 Reasons Why A Single Kettlebell is One of the Best, Most Efficient, Coolest, Most Cost Effective Pieces of Home Exercise Equipment You Can Buy

Here are three reasons why at least one kettlebell should be a part of every one’s home setup:
1. You get a can get a home kettlebell workout with a limited amount of space
Whether you’re outside, in a studio apartment, or on the beach, a smokinkb workout can be had pretty much anywhere you are. 15 minutes and you get a total body workout that works the s#$& out of your cardio system in a way that nothing else can.
2. Kettlebells are cost effective
How much useless exercise equipment have you bought over the years? I know I’ve got some crap. Speaking of which, anyone want to buy a Bosu Ball?
For around $100, you can get a piece of equipment that will last you forever and is incredibly versatile.
3. Cardio + Strength all in one pop
If you’re limited on time like I am, one of the biggest things is getting the most efficient workout you can in the least amount of time. It’s all about high intensity when you only have 30 minutes a day. So a kettlebell is a perfect choice – 15 minutes and I get a strength and cardio workout at the same time.
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