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Kettlebell Training For Fat Loss, Muscle Gain, and World Class Conditioning

Kettlebell Training is really unique in a lot of ways. Here’s why I think kettlebells are one of the best tools for getting you in great overall condition: Training with KB’s is a great cardio workout, no matter what your … Continue reading

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No Gym? No Excuse! Black Friday Sale!

I hope you’re ready for the weekend! Get out there, knock out some Christmas shopping, and save yourself some serious money! Hold on though – there’s one more thing you must make sure to add to your holiday shopping list: … Continue reading

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Bodyweight And Kettlebell Circuit Workout

Want a smoker of a kettlebell and bodyweight workout? Got about 20 minutes, your own bodyweight, and a single kettlebell? Try this new bodyweight and kettlebell circuit workout: To recap, here’s the workout sequence: 5 Burpees10 KB Squat Cleans15 Lunges20 … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Diet Tips

Thanksgiving is almost here … and while you gotta enjoy yourself a little, here are a few tips to keep you from completely blowing your diet: 1. Plan Ahead On Thanksgiving Day, as long as you don’t go completely overboard, … Continue reading

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What’s The Best Fat Burner?

I’m sure that burning fat is a priority for many of you guys. With your diet being the number one most important factor in reaching this goal, and a properly designed workout program being a close second, taking the right … Continue reading

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The Dumbell Complex

While the origins of the dumbell complex could be easily debated, Istvan Javorek is a strength coach who has recently popularized the complex concept.  The dumbell complex is a great tool that can be used for anything from a warm-up … Continue reading

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Five Great Ways To Workout At Home

Busy and no time to hit the gym? No problem. You can stick with your workout routine easily and get a killer workout without leaving your house! Here are five ways to workout at home. 1. Use your own body … Continue reading

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3 Reasons Why A Single Kettlebell is One of the Best, Most Efficient, Coolest, Most Cost Effective Pieces of Home Exercise Equipment You Can Buy

Here are three reasons why at least one kettlebell should be a part of every one’s home setup: 1. You get a can get a home kettlebell workout with a limited amount of space Whether you’re outside, in a studio … Continue reading

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USPlabs Jack3d Review

The #1 most widely used, most reliable, and most effective supplement on the planet for building muscle is Creatine. A creatine and pre-workout supplement that I’ve recently tried and am a big fan of is Jack3d by USPlabs. Before I … Continue reading

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The Magic of HIIT Cardio For Burning Fat

Is burning fat your #1 goal? Hate doing endless sessions of long, boring cardio? I’ve got a great solution for you – it’s called HIIT cardio training. HIIT (short for High Intensity Interval Training) could be the secret to reaching … Continue reading

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