The Relationship Between High Intensity Workouts And Getting Results

How much intensity are you truly bringing to your workouts on a regular basis? Intensity is probably the most important factor when it comes to maximizing the results you see from your exercise program.

Intensity and results are directly proportional. If you want to make progress, you have to work hard. Therefore, an effective workout program is not comfortable. It is very uncomfortable.

However, if you can learn to link the short-term pain of discomfort with the long-term pleasure of great results, you’re in the money. This is the cornerstone of effective program design.

Intensity in itself is also an elusive animal. Too much too soon and you’ll quit. Too little and results are not forthcoming. Knowing your body and finding the correct balance is the key.

Another thing: you can’t go ‘balls to the wall’ all the time. You’ll burn out. So periods of high intensity must be cycled with periods of lower intensity.

So ask yourself the following question: are you getting all you can out of your workouts? Download a few new songs for your ipod, get a workout partner, even hire a personal trainer – turn up the intensity and start making the progress you should be!

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